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Voice + Microphones with Coppice

On August 27, 2016, I performed with Coppice (Noé Cuellar and Joseph Kramer), at their Turning Concert at Silent/Funny in Chicago. My part of the evening consisted of two improvisations. In the first, two 20-foot pieces of .75-inch diameter steel conduit were connected to my ears, so that Noé and Joseph could perform very delicate, quiet sounds in the two separate spaces of Silent/Funny. They could not hear each other, but I could hear them both in separate ears. In response, I improvised vocal sounds with two microphones very close to my mouth, amplified to loudspeakers in the two separate spaces. Immediately following was a second improvisation using the two microphones in and around my mouth to create controlled feedback in a pair of drones that shifted pitches and beating patterns, combining and colliding in the bifurcated architecture.

Silent/Funny, Chicago, 2016