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Things in their place

Things in their place is a recorded piece about listening to recordings, and listening to oneself as a listener. Throughout, the microphone’s particular point of audition is the anchor for a given scene and the acoustic reflections upon it. The piece takes a reflexive and conceptual approach to this interrogation, rather than a didactic or an ecological one. Instead, the voiceover (of the artist) takes itself at face value and literally – the voice is over-laid, over-seeing, and sometimes over-reaching; it directs the listener, presents options, or impels images by naming objects that are (imaginatively) superimposed on location recordings, but nowhere to be heard. This voice, unrehearsed and recorded spontaneously as the language presented itself in the studio while the work was being produced, is neither a narrator, a storyteller, nor an instructor, but something (someone) hovering among these.