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ANSI A vs ISO 216
ANSI A vs ISO 216
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The title refers to the different standard letter page sizes in the US and other countries: the US standard 8.5" x 11" is officially called "ANSI A", and the standard A4 page (used by almost every other country) is officially called "ISO 216"; these names refer to the organizations that manage measurement standards. The two thin lavender rectangles are the proportional differences between the lengths and widths of the two page sizes. The lavender color is a blend of the three colors of the US flag, using the standard RGB/CMYK printing codes, with 1/3 saturation for each of the three colors that are then blended together. The two names, coincidentally, introduce some fortuitous puns and unanticipated references: "ANSI" sounds like "antsy", which in English means nervous or uneasy; "ISO" points to "isolation", which is where international relations are headed in the Trump-Putin era.

Prepared specifically for inclusion in a book published as part of the group project The New Normal in Beirut and Istanbul, organized by Hiba Fahrat and Murat Adash.