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Paces, made in collaboration with Gustavo Matamoros, is an installation that documents a performative act in a selected space, then replays that encounter in the same space, rendering a media double of the original activity. Using hand-held microphones, video cameras, and flashlights, the artists spend 12 minutes in a small gallery leading and following each other, trying to avoid each other, and entangling each other in this chase. Three stationary microphones near the ceiling also record their movements. The resulting five sound files and two videos are then conformed to synchronized looping DVDs, and the three stationary mics are replaced by three loudspeakers. Two floor-level loudspeakers play back the hand-held mic recordings, and two very small monitors play back the videos, which show only the artists shoes. The installation gives the listener a spatially complete audio document of the performance with scant visual information, withholding and unveiling the improvised chase in an endless loop.

Art Gallery of Knoxville, 2007