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I volunteer to be what I already am

I volunteer to be what I already am is a collaboration with Alessandro Bosetti. Put two straight men together, confronting each other face to face, then eliminate all semblance of heroism and its derivatives, and what is left? A shell that radiates pathos and intimacy, or pathetic intimacy. Violence hovers, but since there is no heroism in the equation, it takes the shape of a void, a stasis with no forward motion, and the traces of a few tropes of masculinity -- sport, battle, domestic kingship. The performance is an experiment in improvisationally sculpting this masculinized void with sound and gesture. The space for the performance was in the round and not frontal, encircled by the audience as in a boxing match, a bar, a dinner table, or a piazza. We focused on each other and occasionally turned our direct attention to the audience, at one point inviting one of them to sit very close (an audience of one under the gaze of the audience as a whole), and at the end asking the audience to whistle as quietly as possible (a hovering breathing static landscape).

Ausland, Berlin, 2013