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Planks consists of eleven clear acrylic "planks." Fabricated through a combination of industrial techniques, imaging, and laser etching, each acrylic piece precisely replicates one floorboard of Sector 2337, the site of the installation. Each piece is suspended by four thin copper wires from the ceiling, directly over the actual floorboard at knee height. The actual floorboard is, in turn, covered by a thin layer of red ochre in a rectangle conforming to its exact measurements; therefore, the floorboard is not visible but clearly demarcated. The copper wires are attached to a small loudspeaker on top of the acrylic piece that emits the very close-miked sound of paper slowly tearing, mixed to sweep through the eleven loudspeakers along the length of the gallery.

1:1, solo exhibition, Sector 2337, Chicago, February-April 2018